Sean O'Neill's Gift to the Archives

From time to time Sean is asked to clear out a house. As you have seen earlier, he knows sometimes certain things should not be thrown out, so he adds them to his “Man-Shed”.Sean O’Neill

Some of the items he was asked to throw out include film and photographic equipment, old glass photograph plates etc. He thought they were best preserved in the Youghal Museum Film and Photography.

YOUGHAL is buzzing with excitement thanks to this remarkable gesture from one of its own. Sean O’Neill, a beloved member of the community, has generously donated a
treasure trove of old glass plate photographs to the eagerly anticipated Youghal Film and Photography Museum.

These photographs, dating from the early to mid-20th century, offer a
captivating glimpse into Youghal’s past, illuminating the stories and
faces that have shaped this vibrant town over the years. Each image is
a window to another era, allowing visitors to connect with the rich
tapestry of Youghal’s history in a profound and meaningful way.

But what exactly are glass plate photographs, and how were they used
in photography? Before the advent of photographic film,
light-sensitive emulsions of silver salts were coated onto glass
plates, creating negatives that captured images with remarkable
clarity and detail. These plates were widely used in the late 19th
century and persisted into the early 20th century before being
replaced by other mediums.

Among Sean O’Neill’s donation are also Victorian hand-painted magic
lantern slides, each one a miniature work of art depicting various
scenes and characters from a bygone era. One particular slide
featuring King Edward VII with the caption “God Save The King” is a
poignant reminder of Britain’s royal history.

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